Manga Talk: Schedule Update

Hello everyone!

I enjoyed my break, and am ready to go and talk about more manga, however there will be a change in how things go.

Instead of having a Manga Talk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the occasional Saturday article, there will be a Manga Talk on Wednesday and Friday with an article every Saturday.

The reason for this is because Mondays are very busy for me, so making sure something comes out on Monday can be very stressful. I also buy every manga I talk about and whenever I get paid from my actual job, it’s on a Monday with the check clearing on Tuesday.

So to compromise, I will still have Wednesdays and Fridays come out as usual, and always have a Saturday article.

Now the subject of Saturday articles will be related to otaku culture still, but I will also be writing about other things that come to mind. Could be about video games or tv shows or whatever I feel like.

See you all on Wednesday

Heiwa to sayonara!

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